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Art Effects Gallery Offers Services

Art Effects Gallery And Framing Centre offers replacement glass repairs. Because sun damage is very destructive and non-reversible to your framed photographs and memorabilia, it’s important that you choose U.V. conservation glass to allow you to enjoy your framed objects for years to come. Blocking up to 99% of harmful U.V. rays, it is available in clear and reflectionless options. It will allow you to move your art to many areas of your household or business without the worry of causing permanent damage. For an example of sun-damaged art, please see the following image on the right:

Hanging Products

  • “Wall Buddies” For large pictures and mirrors in frames. Does not allow “rocking” and can carry heavier weight. Mounted in upper corners of frame.




  • All wood (no plastic frames).
  • Huge display – over 3000 frame samples!
  • Metal frames also available – large selection.



  • 100% cotton or cellulose (non-acidic).
  • Over 700 mat samples to choose from.



  • Acid-free foamcore or rag matboard.



  • We have regular 2.5mm, Conservation Clear (U.V. protection), reflectionless and Museum available.



  • 3mm clear acrylic, 3mm U.V. protection, 3mm non-glare and 3mm U.V. protection non-glare.

Get Great Framing Ideas & Unparalleled Customer Service


We are specialists in high-quality custom framing… we are not a hobby shop! We do not sell Christmas trees. We do not sell craft items. We are professional picture framers and have been for more than 40 years.


Our staff has all of the necessary knowledge and materials to preserve your priceless photographs and memorabilia. And when it comes to customer satisfaction, our service remains unparalleled. Using high-quality frames and products from prominent manufacturers, we proudly offer framing services for the following items and so much more!

  • Awards, certificates & diplomas
  • Letters, maps & charts
  • Prints & photos
  • Original art and canvas
  • Children’s drawings
  • Promotional materials & advertising
  • Wedding photos & wedding invitations
  • Sports jerseys & memorabilia
  • Record albums, comics & puzzles
  • School letters
  • Baby shoes, baby photos & christening gowns
  • Newspapers & magazine articles
  • Sketches, drawings, blueprints & displays
  • Team & group photos
  • Dried flowers & needlepoint
  • Family portraits
  • Swords & mirrors
  • Military medals & documents
  • Needlepoint & fabric


Sun Damaged

sun damaged before after

Before                         After

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