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Protect Your Prints with Art Effects Gallery’s Plak-It® Process

A Unique & Attractive Process of Mounting & Displaying


Art Effects Gallery And Framing Centre is proud to offer our customers custom options using a process called Plak-It®, which involves a unique and attractive process of mounting, protecting and displaying your photographs, certificates, prints, etc. Your print or document is first mounted to specially selected wood which has been custom-cut and finished to your exact specifications. Then the surface is completely sealed under heat and pressure with a tough, durable, transparent laminate. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more!


Why Plak-It®?

The Plak-It® process has several proven benefits, including:


  • Non-glare surface
  • Permanent protection
  • Economical, quality choice
  • Dirt-proof – wipes clean!
  • Resists scratching & fading

Plak-It® What?

We recommend our Plak-It® mounting process for the following types of keepsakes:

  • Awards & certificates
  • Letters, maps & charts
  • Prints, photos & movie posters
  • Children’s drawings
  • Promotional materials & advertising
  • Newspapers & magazine articles
  • Sketches, blueprints & drawings
  • Wedding invitations
  • Team & group photos
  • Price lists & mission statements
  • Sports posters
  • Comics, puzzles & displays
  • Much, much more!
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